The Brain

There are different theories about the Brain. I lean towards Evolution. According to my reading, the nervous system in animals evolved mainly to protect the animal from external threats. There is evidence that the brain mainly evolved to control the muscular movements of the animal in order to protect.

In humans, the brain is more complex than in animals. The largest part of the brain – the Cortex – is larger in humans than any other animal. One of the main features of humans and the human brain is the ability to process Language, and to speak it. Language provides us with billions of possibilities.

The brain has hundreds of billions of neurons – the primary cells. The information is stored in the brain is by the formation of a connection between two neurons. This connection is called a Synapse. And this again, has hundreds of billions of possibilities.

The evolution of the Human Society has taken place over millenia. The study of the evolution of human society, and the human brain, I believe are important. So I have decided to put these topics up the front for discussion here.

It's about humanity!