A Simple Guide to Changing the Course of Life

This is a thought that crossed me while taking a shower. What made me the way I am today? That’s the main point of this post. What makes you the way you are?

I believe that most people would agree it is the conditioning that we go through while growing up in life. If you are a psychologist (I am not one, I am an engineer by qualification), you would most probably say that life’s is course is set at an age younger than ten. I am not too sure about this at this moment, but I will find more information about that. But my knowledge from reading books tells me that the pattern in the brain is kind of permanent in the form of synapses (when two neurons connect, they form a synapse, in other words, a bit of information or an experience or a learning or a decision or whatever you may want to call it). Scientists (at least some of them) say that we use our synapses over and over again. When we experience something, that becomes Truth for us. And, we use that information over and over again, in most cases till the time we die.

In life while growing up, we are instructed to do something and not do something else. We are told to behave a certain way, and not to behave a certain another way. In other words, we are born with an instruction manual which we don’t know who wrote. That instruction manual is a lie which we believed all along as truth. But nobody gave us the hard copy of the manual. So it seems that we wrote our own manual when we didn’t know how to read and write. We were pretty small and naive when we wrote it, weren’t we? We heard something and we wrote it into our instruction manual with our limited vocabulary and grammar.

Here is what we could probably do. We could perhaps throw our old instruction manual in the bin. Take out a clean piece of paper and a pen and write a note to ourselves at this moment. Let’s see if this exercise works. In fact we will need TWO, and not one sheets of paper. Let us write what we know from the old instruction manual. That ‘s going to be a big exercise. So don’t start writing on the second sheet yet. Write in the old manual as much as possible and see what it looks like. Write instructions from YOURSELF to YOURSELF. See if it makes sense. When it makes sense how stupid it looks, dump it in the bin. Now, start on the second sheet of paper and write a new instruction manual from YOURSELF to YOURSELF. See what happens.

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