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Almost all my adult life, there were questions that haunted me. For instance,

  • What is life?
  • Who am I?
  • What happens after I die? and
  • What makes me the way I am today?

I have sought objective, rational and evidence-based answers to almost everything. You may call it Analytical; or you may call it Scientific. I don’t have all the answers to these questions. However, I find it interesting to find out about our existence as humans, and as human society.

I don’t make any claims of having discovered all the answers to life’s questions. I am not a know-all, enlightened being who has a halo of light around his head. I am not Einstein. I am just making an effort to use technology to find different views and different people who provoke thinking.

I am an engineering graduate. And the questions that I am seeking answers to, are answered by topics such as History, Developmental Psychology, Sociology etc. So it frustrates me at times; and I wish at times that I had been a graduate of the Arts faculty. I also find the fields like Neurology and Education helpful and interesting.

We are born in a world that is conditioned by certain norms set by the Human Society. How were these norms formed? Do they make any sense in the Twenty First Century?

We send our children to school to learn to survive in the world that we ourselves have created. But whatever actions we are taking right now, is it because that is the only way we know to do, or is it because we want to create a better future? I think we will restrain the development of the future generations if we impose our outdated standards blindly on to them.

I am creating this blog to compile information about the development of the Human Society from offline and online sources.

Your contribution and comments will be appreciated.

Currently, I have offered the links ‘Human Development’, ‘Developmental Psychology’ and ‘The Brain’. The term ‘Human Development’ has different interpretations. Wikipedia gives you the one defined by the United Nations. What I thought was Human Development also included the psychological and physiological development of a human being. Therefore, I have created a separate link named Developmental Psychology. Since I have an Engineering and Research background, I was prompted to look into the developmental aspects of the human brain. That’s why I have added the link The Brain. Any more links would complicate the matter. Plus, other topics like Education, Economy etc, would pretty much be covered under the topic Human Development. As and when changes are required down the track, I will implement them.

Welcome aboard!

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