Are You Really Free? Ask Yourself These Questions.

Freedom has different connotations for different people. I just stumbled upon a note I had written a while ago about human freedom. These are the questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are really free (remember, there are no right answers here):

  1. What does it mean to be free?
  2. What is freedom?
  3. What is Freedom of Thought?
  4. What is Freedom of Action?
  5. Can I eat what I want to eat without getting unhealthy or unwell?
  6. My day is filled with tasks and activities. Do I experience freedom during every moment of each of my acitivies?
  7. Do I have the time to do everything I want to do?
  8. Do I enjoy those activities?
  9. Do I have the money to participate in those activities?
  10. Do I have the time to participate in those activities?
  11. Do I have the company of people I enjoy every moment?
  12. Am I able to be at any place I desire to be?
  13. What are the constraints to my fulfilling my desires?
  14. What stops me from dealing with those constraints?
  15. How do I deal with those constraints?

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