Did Your New Year Resolution Work?

If your New Year Resolution has worked for the past five days (today is the 5th of January), it should predictably work for another five days. Jeez! Some people might think I am such a pessimist! We have been talking about New Year and I am only taking into account the first week that isn’t over yet.

Here is how I spent my New Year’s Eve. I STAYED AT HOME AND WENT TO BED BY MIDNIGHT!!! If I did not receive the calls and messages wishing me a happy new year at midnight, I would have been fast asleep by midnight. I am not particularly a fan of new year resolutions, but something does fine tune January onwards worldwide. Since all the festivity is over after Christmas, the world gets into work mode. All the tasks the businesses have put on the back-burner start to gain momentum from January. Companies start recruiting and some job seekers find their livelihood. Government offices which shift gears. New businesses start their registrations. For about four months (in the western world that is till Easter) there is no major holiday. I live in India. In India there are no major festivals in sight until the Ganesha Festival (around August – September). Monsoons won’t start till June. Summer will become unbearable by April or May. In America and Europe Winter will start subsiding in two – three months. In Australia Autumn will start at the same time. In Australia dry Summer and the beach activity will subside and people will start focusing on work again. Don’t I love Sydney! It’s fun there Down Under. So all in all, personally for me, January is the time when things pick up momentum for the next three four months.

I have been following a fitness programme by Mike Matthews. Try this link. It’s quite nice. This year 1st January was a Monday. I have learnt from physical exercise that life only works one week at a time, at least in my case. To surrender to a fitness programme, I have to surrender to it for a whole week. On the New Year’s Eve, I was not looking forward to the entire new year, but only to the week ahead. I woke up relatively early on Monday the 1st of January, and finished my first five-day week this morning.

Here is what works for me in life. I have a calendar. If I don’t have a calendar, I don’t have a life. I used to use Google calendar because I have an android phone. However, lately I shifted to Outlook. That’s just my personal preference. My outlook calendar is synced on my Microsoft account, my Outlook on my computer and Outlook on the phone. For me the calendar is synonymous with life. I have in my day of the calendar, tasks that cover major and important areas of my life and tasks that are doable. Taking an example of fitness, my Monday is a day for Chest and Calf. I have the exercises written in the calendar which repeats every Monday. Every day I delete what is finished so that the calendar is clean and there is no clutter when I look at it on the computer screen.

If you read my previous post about Creativity, you cannot think creatively at peace unless you complete what needs to be completed. If you do not have your life planned, you automatically switch to the survival mode and life is like firefighting. If you want to create your future, you have to use a calendar and make sure you assign yourself tasks that are important and doable. At the end of the day you should have that sense of accomplishment so that you can sleep peacefully.

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