Human Nature

Human interest in Human Nature: Many humans are confronted by the question, “Who am I?” At a philosophical level this question becomes more complex. we tend to ask ourselves further questions like, “Am I my body”, “Am I my mind” etc. Ultimately, inquiry leads to further inquiry. Humans’ quest for knowledge is almost never ending.
Sociology attempts to answer the questions about Human Nature at a scientific level. Human Nature is the easiest point of inquiry in my opinion. Inquiry into human nature in my opinion, begins with the comparison of two individuals and their behaviours. No two humans are identical in their behaviours, with similarities and differences. People with similar backgrounds show similarities in their behaviour, and those with different backgrounds exhibit difference.
It is logical that the inquiry should lead in the direction of social and economic variables. The study of the social behaviour of humans and the characteristics of the human society lead to the research to the science of Sociology.
Human Nature is a ‘product of’, or a ‘response to’ the various environmental stimuli. The Environment in this context may comprise of family, neighbourhood, locality, nationality, social clubs, education, educational institutes, work environment etc. The study of human nature takes into consideration all these factors.

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