Humanity as a Social Organism

Various sociologists have made their contribution in the field of Sociology. Amongst them, the most relevant I have found so far is Auguste Comte.

The question that arises out of the discussions of various views of these sociologists, social scientists or social thinkers is whether human society is like an organism. If so, then, is this social organism like

  1. Family, or
  2. A plant or an animal?

In case of a family, every individual has their own, independent existence. In case of an animal or a plant, each part of the organism or organs neither has their independent existence, nor is conscious as in case of a family member.

According to Comte, humanity differs from other organisms like polyps, in that every member is has the will to contribute to the social structure and to withhold it. Further, Comte states that a human being is a human being because of the humanity, or the human society that they belong to. Without the human society, a human being wouldn’t have their human existence.

A drop of ocean would cease to be a drop of ocean if there were no ocean. Likewise, the ocean would cease to be ocean without its drops. The ocean and drop are one and the same – the ocean is the drop; and the drop is the ocean! The ‘drop in the ocean’ behaves thus, because of the rest of the ocean. The dynamic behaviour of the ocean exists because the collective existence of the drops when they become the ocean. Humanity behaves in a similar way except that in case of humanity, every member of the collective society is conscious at the individual level. Whether it’s the ocean, or the drop, both lack consciousness.

The nature and existence of an individual human being is there because of the collective existence of the human society. The individual human being would have no existence without the collective existence of Humanity, or the Human Society.

Human beings are nothing but a reflection of the society that they live in.

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