Sociology – An Overview

Sociology according to Wikipedia is a scientific study of social behaviour, including its origin, development, organisation, and institutions.

Sociology first gained recognition as an independent science with the publication, between 1830 and 1842, of August Comte’s Cours de philosophie positive. Comte did not create Sociology. He did give it a name, a programme, and a place among sciences.

Comte’s programme for the new science proposed an extension to politics and to history of the positive methods of the natural sciences. Its practical aim was to establish government on the secure foundation of an exact science and give to the predictions of history something of the precision of mathematical formulae.

Comte proposed to make government a technical science and politics a profession. He looked forward to a time when legislation, based on a scientific study of human nature, would assume the character of natural law. The earlier and more elementary sciences, particularly physics and chemistry, had given man control over external nature; the last science, sociology, was to give man control over himself.

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