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Plant Intelligence 3

The new coil around the nylon string

After transferring the bittergourd plant to a bigger pot, it has begun to hold its roots firmly in the soil. One of the coils has found the support of the nylon string we have provided for support. The plant has found it on its own so far.

The question remains, ‘where did the intelligence come from’, if we do assume and admit that it is intelligence. Is the intelligence pre-packaged in the DNA within the seed? If so, where did it come into the seed from? From the big wide Universe?

Let us think and explore.

Plant Intelligence 2

We changed the pot. We transferred the bitter gourd plant from a smaller pot to a new, bigger one.

The plants (there are multiple) are still adapting to their new home. Some look like they have withered. I just hope they become alive and fresh after their roots become firm in the soil.

This picture shows a coil though there is no pre-existing support. So I am not sure how intelligent these plants are when they produce these coils. At present it seems like it’s just the plant’s way to produce these coils without any logic.

The human brain, too, has neurons for no reason. I have heard that most of our cortex’s (large brain) capacity goes unused. It is when the neurons fire together that they wire together to form a synapse. Just another analogy from me today.