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Sheru’s Rules

The Pandemic started in March 2020. Today it’s over a year and a half. People were discussing the New Normal when the Pandemic started. I feel ‘Sit At Home’, rather than ‘Work From Home’ is the new normal. India went through multiple waves of Covid-19. It also went through multiple lockdowns. The curve is getting flatter and life is returning to normal, except for Work from Home. Hopefully, the schools and offices will reopen by December.

A few things happened during the lockdown. One of the major events that happened is Sheru came into our life. My son rescued a stray puppy about two months old, from the streets. We adopted him and raised him for about six months. Then he had to fight for life because of kidney and liver problems after a surgery (he had swallowed a pencil sharpener). He lost his fight, but left his impact. He learned fast and he grew fast. From 4 kilos he grew up to about 14 kilos. The vet said he would have grown up to about 22 kilos. He was a high energy kid, playful and very athletic. He loved playing Fetch. He loved food; and he loved looking outside the window. Sheru taught me that life has to be fun, no matter how things are on the outside. He never let me sit idle. His energy was conducive.

At two to three months old
The athlete
Watching the world go by

Sheru’s Rules:

  1. Never sit still
  2. Rest when you need to rest
  3. Eat when you are hungry
  4. Demand what you want
  5. No matter how others treat you, just have fun
  6. Don’t let others take away what is yours
  7. Protect your people