Testosterone – The Link that Napoleon Hill Missed

With due respect to Napoleon Hill and his great work, the reason I find his chapter on Sex Transmutation so confusing is because I have read more about human physiology and fitness than Napoleon Hill has written. Today I have more scientific information available than Napoleon Hill provided in his convoluted chapter Sex Transmutation.

Modern research shows that depleted testosterone level can reduce your physical strength and energy level. Testosterone gives rise to muscular strength along with physical energy. There is a strong link between ones testosterone level and their being physically attractive to the opposite sex.

At older age, we have more experience and wisdom, but lower testosterone and hence lower physical energy. But there is good news. It can be reversed. Physical exercise can restore muscular strength, increasing testosterone level, which in turn can enhance the muscular strength. As we age, we start having ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure, particularly with the modern, industrial, unhealthy lifestyle.

Those who are physically fitter have higher testosterone levels. So, the theory that sex can be transmuted to money starts to make sense. With high sex drive, there can now be higher clarity of thought. There can be higher trust factor because of higher charisma. Sexy men look better not just to the opposite sex, they appear better even to the same sex. A person’s energy is transferred to the other person by their conversation, by their relationship. We find it a lot more comforting to be around a person has a pleasant personality. A person who doesn’t have to struggle to form relationships appears far more pleasant, comforting to be around. Their leadership is natural. These individuals have far more potential to have results achieved than people with less energy.

Sexual attraction makes us feel energetic because the testosterone levels rise in sexual attraction. So look sexy and sexually attractive. Be fit and sexy. Perhaps, Napoleon Hill is right.

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