The Mastermind Principle

In the book Think and Grow Rich, the author Napoleon Hill talks about the Mastermind Principle. In simple language, the Mastermind is your inner group of people who are your teachers, friends and trusted associates. Napoleon Hill himself had an imaginary Mastermind of real people. His Mastermind group included people who were already dead. but, the dramatised them in his mind and he talked to those dead people as thought they were alive, by putting their personalities and characteristics (real, or imaginary) into perspective. Their thoughts (as he created them) and dialogues (imaginary) influenced his thoughts. He created the throughts of the Mastermind in a way that he would feel empowered and energized by those thoughts.

Our brain can create any thoughts of any type. The kind of thoughts we create are the thoughts that enter our mind. In order to create thoughts of a certain type, it is necessary that the thoughts of that type enter our brain. If we enter thoughts about colour, we create colours. If thoughts of music enter our mind continuously, we create music. We can create a world around us that surrounds us with thoughts that forward a certain result, a certain nature.

We become what the world around us is. Among children, we become playful. Among patients, we learn about medicine.

If we want to achieve financial success, we need to be surrounded by people who speak and exhibit financial success. We need to be surrounded by achievers and discuss about achievement. We need to listen to people who work towards achieving success.

People striving towards success may not always be available. but we can condition our mind by reading books. We can form a group of people sharing that common interest of learning success principles. We can set ourselves goals and evaluate the success and failure with the help of this mastermind group.

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