The rationale behind this blog

  1. To create a better world
  2. To address the inefficiencies
  3. To determine the factors influencing the inefficiencies
  4. To learn about the socio-economic influences
  5. To learn about government
  6. To learn about culture

These are just some of the things that got me started on this blog. These are the things that I started reading about. Reading gave me a different perspective about life. However, how these things stack up in real life, I am not sure. So I decided to blog about these things.

I am hoping that a lot of readers read my blog and contribute to it. Since the Internet defies the physical boundaries there would be multiple perspectives available to a lot of these points in discussion which normally fall within Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Education, Politics and Culture.

Why is it that things work a certain way in Australia, another way in the US and Europe, another in Asia and yet another in Africa?

On this blog, I want to take a realistic approach to life. I don’t want to overlook the faults and call myself an optimist. At the same time, I don’t want to focus purely on the faults and be a pessimist. A food stain on a nice white shirt cannot hide. The shirt becomes nice and white only after the stain is washed away. Any science goes into the finest detail to solve problems. A lot of times, the problems that Science solves, or attempts to solve, are created problems. Those problems exist only in the educated mind. The educated mind ponders over an issue for a long time and comes up with an out of the ordinary perspective which no one had thought about. However in my case, I am not a genius. I believe in Collective Mind.

Together, we can think much better than just one person.

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