Why the Book ‘Think and Grow Rich’

Here is a quick note about my posts on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Sometime around the mid nineties, at a business conference, a millionaire speaker was asked which one book he could attribute his success to. That book was of course, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’. I took it on to myself to master this book and make my millions. I began by summarising the points of this book in a spreadsheet so that it would make it easier for me to follow the principles (I have a technical background, so I hope you can understand where I come from). I haven’t made my millions, but I thought it is still worth sharing the wisdom of the book so someone else can benefit from it.

I have been sharing the spreadsheets here in the form of these posts. Each chapter (therefore the post associated with it) is an individual spreadsheet. I do not want to publish them all together. Whoever is reading these posts, I think, they would use the knowledge one chapter at a time. I publish when I feel that I am ready. At this point of time, I am about half way through. It won’t be long before all the chapter notes are uploaded.

As far the book is concerned, I believe it is past its copyright period; and it is now available on public domain. Though I have a free pdf, I believe that the author needs to get paid. So I bought a $1 Kindle copy from Amazon. I believe in giving the Universe its due for the gift it has offered us.

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Sachin Thakur

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